Bucket Toss Bozo Type Game Rental

  • Fun Game
  • Easy to Do
  • Great for All Ages
  • Not as Easy as it Looks!!!


This fun game comes complete on a four foot stand! Great for fundraisers, VBS, Awanas, preschool, school, grand openings, and neighborhood events!

Pretty much anywhere!! Even a DJ gig at a hospital once!! Great fun!

Always a fun game. Easy to do.

Includes Board with Six Buckets and Six whiffle balls.
The game is played like the old Bozo the Clown Game. Where the contestant stands at one end and tries to get one ball in each bucket consistently while no moving feet and statrting at the first bucket followed by the next closest then the nest and so on until… IF the get ALL six balls into ALL six buckets… they are a Winner!!! Tougher than it looks!!

Prizes not included, but prize packages and add-ons are available.

Looks Great!


***Local Delivery free with bounce house rental. Otherwise, pickups are available or call for options.


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