Great for almost ANY type of event!

Fast! Professional! Lively! Creative!

Great for Birthday Parties! Fun Nights! Kids Events! Company Parties!

  • Many choices! (You choose what you’d like made… A Hat, a Bracelet, and Animal, a silly weapon, a flower, a heart with a bear attached, etc.) Great variety of custom balloon animal type creations to choose from or try to come up with a new one!!!
  • Lots of Colors to choose from!! (Jason typically has around 20 different colored balloons choices with him!!)
  • Get just what you wanted! (–In the sytle, type, and colors you choose!! The watch as Jason twists it together in a woosh!)
  • FAST! FAST! FAST! (Less waiting for your guests! More balloons! Unless otherwise specified, your entertainer is per time period (i.e. 1 hour, etc.) thus you can get almost as many balloon creations as you want… and Jason is FAST!!!
  • No setup time!! (Jason just needs an open area and can start almost immeadiately upon arrival! NO SETUP.)
  • Very Little Setup space!! –Although… he will almost always get a line / crowd very quickly!! SO BE PREPARED! What can we say?!? Almost everyone likes balloons!
  • GIANT balloon pump! (No nasty breath filled balloons! Yuck!) No loud distracting annoying motor humming!!

TEXT for AVAILABILTY!! Prices per hour / event / location / size / etc.