Strolling “ill-Ooh-Shun” Performer (Hourly)

  • …it’s not Magic… It’s “ill-Ooh-Shun.”
  • Amazing Street Performing
  • Strolling Entertainment
  • 20 Years Professional Experience
  • Absolutely Astounding!
  • Wow!
  • Great for all ages!


…it’s not Magic… It’s “ill-Ooh-Shun”.

Be amazed and astounded as Jason Frame aka “ill-Ooh-Shun” strolls around your event performing and entertaining your guests.

Approx. 20 years of professional experience.

Thousands of shows!

Close Up and street illusion that happens right in their hands! Amazing.

Enjoy entertainment at its best…!!!! Your mouth will hang open in confusion as your senses get mixed and nothing seems as it is. What an incredible performance!

You will not be disappointed. You will be amazed.

Amazing card tricks!!  Disappearing balls of light! Astonishing!!


***Please note:

I am a Christian. This company is managed by me. Therefore, I promise to do the best I can to make you happy and for your event to be exciting, fun, and memorable.
Please know that I am not shy about sharing my faith and the “ill-Ooh-Shun” character was created for that exact purpose. Although my “ill-Ooh-Shun” shows will not be too “preachy”, I just wanted you to know in advance because some of my other Blog Posts and Videos are intended to be.



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