How to perform “ill-Ooh-Shun” with Money & Card Trix Party

  • …it’s not Magic… it’s “ill-Ooh-Shun”
  • Card Tricks
  • Coin Tricks
  • Tricks with Money
  • Taught by a professional
  • Party Style!!


Learn how to perform card tricks and tricks with money! Yes, you can do this!
You can learn “ill-Ooh-Shun”.

Amaze your friends! Be the life of the party. Gain confidence!

This class includes a step-by-step – hand’s on – how to lesson by Jason Frame, aka “ill-Ooh-Shun”.

Over 20 years experience at thousands of events!

During this entertaining and fun party style interactive lesson you and or your guests will learn how to amaze their friends with fun and easy “ill-Ooh-Shuns”… maybe even advanced (depending on the participants’ skill level) 🙂

Tricks Covered Vary Per Event (we may not be able to get to them all) …but May Include:

  • “Pick a Card” tricks
  • Coin appearances & vanishes
  • Tricks using both cards & money
  • Card vanishes & appearances
  • The “How -To’s”
  • The “Why To’s”
  • The “Act”
  • The “Performance”
  • And more…

This class is approx. 1 hour long.

Works Best in Smaller Groups (10-20 participants).

But can be upgraded for larger audiences or even classrooms using your own classroom projector… (Minimal Set-Up and Take-Down Space Required)

Add-ons and upgrades are available including gift bags including additional tricks, mini how-to booklets, secret bonus online video lessons, and more.



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