Circus And Show

  • Fun Food
  • Carousel Bounce House
  • Balloon Animals OR Face Painting
  • TWO Carnival Games



Carnival Carousel Bounce House

Your Choice of Concession: Snow Cones, Popcorn, OR Cotton Candy.

Your Choice: 2 Carnival Games.

Your Choice: Balloon Animals OR Air Brush Face Painting (45 Minutes*) *Approx 25-50 Kids


What an awesome Circus Party!! You Get a HUGE carousel-style 20×20 bounce house complete with a basketball goal and ball to shoot hoops!!!

This thing is HUGE!! They are going to love it!!

You also get YOUR CHOICE of TWO Carnival games…

You get your choice of CONCESSION: Snow Cones, Popcorn, or Cotton Candy (With supplies for 50 people included!)*

You get YOUR CHOICE of a 30 Minute Show: Balloon Animals or Air Brush Face Painting (Time for approx 25 kids)




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