Big DJ Lights,Video, Music, & Dance Party (Hourly Rate)

  • WOW!! What an awesome setup!!
  • Lights!! (Lasers, mood lighting pars and derby, strobe)
  • Hazer (Non allergenic fog machine)
  • 10 Foot Screen for Videos, Games, and More!!
  • Lots of Power!! Crisp Sounding! Extra Bass Available.
  • Da Bomb!! – “And a bag of chips!!”


***Please Note… Two Hour Minimum for DJ Services.

Everyone love dancing, music, and a live DJ ….Well, a good and fun one anyway!! 🙂
THAT’S US!! …the “fun” one definately!!… but don’t worry, we’re pretty “good” too!

This LARGE Lights, Video, And DJ Setup is INCREDIBLE!!! WOW!

Our Large DJ setup includes:

  • Two-Three microphones (2 cordless handhelds
  • Four Tops / Speakers with Stands (if needed)
  • DJ Set-up & Take-down* *(We require a minimum of three outlets near setup area)
  • Music
  • Professional & Fun DJ / VJ (Video DJ)
  • Announcements (if requested)
  • Requests* *(if available, and within reason… we only play clean & family-friendly)
  • Karaoke (if requested)
  • Line Dances (if requested)
  • Games (if requested)
  • Trivia (if requested)
  • Music Videos
  • Interactive games with video graphics and sound effects
  • Actual Music Videos
  • Awesome Computer Video Graphics, lyrics, and more!
  • Hazer (non allergenic fog machine)
  • Laser lights, Strobes, and more!
  • Giant Sub-woofer (For crisp clean sound and extra bass when needed)
  • Selfie Booth Props (if requested)
  • Extra Large Light up & Flashing Sticks and Props
  • And so, so, so, much more…

Choose from a variety or a mix of music.

Country, Gospel, 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, Pop, Dance, Some Club & Techno, Kids Music, Rap, Rock, and probably everything else too!!

In addition to the great (Clean/edited/safe) music, you’re going to LOVE the interaction of our DJ!!

If Jason Frame, the Jason Frame is your DJ, watch out!! He’s a riot! He’ll have you dancing in no time… probably just to show him how it’s done!! LOL He can’t dance!!


Having a different type of event?

No problem… he can be low key and quiet too… and he’s got a great MC voice for announcements while a sponsorship slide show plays on the video screens.


LOTS of upgrades are available… power point presentations, live streaming video, party video keepsakes, party supplies and giveaways, entertainers, concessions, bounce houses, and sooooooo much more….

We are happy to help you make your event perfect. Contact us for recommendations.
Indoor or Outdoor allowed, please specify when booking.


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