Balloon Animals – 100 Count – 260Q Assorted – Traditional

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  • Made from 100% Natural Biodegradable Latex with no added fillers.
  • 260Q Traditional Assortment Colors. 100-Balloons per package. Sold Deflated
  • Includes 1 Dual-Action balloon inflator that has a tapered nozzle for easy inflation. Improved nozzle and non-roll structure.
  • Durable to withstand the twists and turns of entertaining
  • Light Pink, Light Blue, White, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange. Made in the US and Canada.

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Bag of 100 balloons. Dark Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple Violet and Lime Green. This is our most popular assortment by far. No Jewel tone balloons so less popping. The only weakness of this assortment is that it lacks Pink and White. Many twisters order this assortment and then a few bags of Pink and or White to mix in with it.

Modeling or sculpting balloons

This is a bag of 100 Qualatex balloons. Qualatex are the very best balloons for balloon twisting. (IN MY OPINION!! :)) They have been making balloons for nearly 100 years…. and I’ve been using them for over 20!! 🙂

The size 260 refers to 2 inches diameter and 60 inches length when inflated.

This is the most common size used by balloon artists, clowns etc for making balloon animals, swords etc


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